Tony HarrisI am Tony Harris, an angler, and that is what I would love to call myself over everything I have been as a professional. I remember fishing was not in my veins the day I started it. Well, that is in my blood now. Why wouldn’t that be?

Honestly speaking, I have never felt that any two days I did fishing on were the same. So, you can understand why people do not get tired of fishing, even though they do not catch the desired number of fishes on a particular day. Rather, the more you are into it; the more enthusiasm you would feel about the sport.

Should it be melodious enough to hear if I say all I want is to unleash the eagerness in you for fishing? At Angler Guides, I am trying to achieve that. Welcome to my fishing world. Perhaps, I would be happier to say it is a galore of information for those who are already zealous enough to throw some of their days into some crazy angling pursuits.

Over the past decade, I have gone fishing in a wide range of areas, such as rivers, streams, seas; you name it! I have no shame in telling that I have done some recreational fishing too. However, what makes me feel proud is my commercial fishing experience. I still remember how it felt to have caught a 21.7-lbs trout!

For me the hardest part was when I put my hands into choosing my fishing equipment and gears. Over the past years, I had the fortune to have a practical test of fishing kayaks, paddles, digital gears, and safety equipment which were among the most influential brands in the industry.

It is a sure thing you get stupefied as you start exploring the options various manufacturers are trying to push into your head. I really love to have some of them. I had not-so-good experience using some of them, though. Nothing that I tell you here is based upon my own imagination. Rather, I put things as long as they are factual and practically tested. You know why. What’s the use of my works if you cannot save your time, passion and money on your fishing items after going through my pages one after another?

At Angler Guides, my efforts will be meet a happy end if my fellow fishing enthusiasts find the resources useful and pick something that really makes difference in their fishing goals.

Happy fishing!