Best 20 Fishing Spots In The World In 2018

If you simply ask where to fish, you will find suggestions for fishing spots in a greater number than the one you can actually visit in your lifetime. As you are reading this article, your passion for angling is clearly understandable. You might be a pleasure seeking paddler with the panache for catching fish and spending some time amid serenity of a stream or a lake or a river. Again, you might be a serious angler whose primary objective is to return home with a bag full of fishes. Either ways, you are going to find places that await you the right opportunities. Also, you cannot hide your smile upon catching fishes.

Fishing Spots In The WorldAlthough finding a good fishing spot is not exactly as tricky as choosing your fishing gears or kayak, chances are that you would end up being frustrated with places which do not have what you were actually looking for.

The Idea Of ‘Best Fishing Spots

If your question is which fishing spots are the best, you have already invited a matter of relativity. Sure, your question is direct, but the answer is not. There are tons of articles giving you details about the greatest fishing spots around the world. What if you find nowhere to go except to one or two? Still, you are not out of luck because I see you are still reading this article.

What Type Of Fishing Do You Like?

By the time, you have started looking for a good fishing spot; you are likely to get tired of any kind of step-by-step procedure. Well, all you need is to decide the kind of fishing you love to do. Not all destinations are equally good. One particular spot can be good for freshwater fishing while another can be great for saltwater fishing. Again some locations can be ideal for fly fishing and ice fishing.

Which Fish Do You Like To Catch?

As with the type of fishing, there are factors to do with the fish you want to catch. Not everyone loves to catch salmon or marlin or catfish. Similarly, you may not love to catch piranha unlike your fishing buddies. There are places in the world which have reputations for being the home to different species.

True Things About Every Single Fishing Spot

Regardless of the type of location you are choosing, you need to be ready to accept the following facts.

  • Each type of fishing location has its own challenges to present.
  • Each type of spot comes with a particular marine environment based on individual structure and ecosystem.
  • Each fishing spot is known for a particular fish despite presenting other species alongside.

To get you started efficiently with a great destination, below is a detailed overview of the types of fishing locations along with the best 20 fishing spots in the world.

About Freshwater Fishing

You will want to go for freshwater fishing if you are a beginner. With a basic tackle set up, you are free to fish from land or shore. Popular freshwater fishing spots include freshwater reservoirs, lakes, ponds, rivers and streams.

Lake Okeechobee, Florida, USA


According to many veteran anglers, ‘big’ is the word that best describes Lake Okeechobee. The weather being congenial enough enables pleasure seeking anglers to fish anytime they want. As long as you are at Lake Okeechobee, you do not need to look at the calendar. The lake features hydrilla in countless numbers of patches wherein you will find your desired fishes.

Information At A Glance

  • Area: 730 square miles
  • Specialty: One of the best spots for Largemouth Bass
  • Best time for fishing: All the year round

Lake Of The Woods, Ontario, Canada

Lake of the Woods has its two thirds in Canada. Anglers with acute taste for scenic beauty of a lake will find this a heaven. In the words of fishing enthusiasts visiting this destination, the lake presents anglers with mystery and dramatic stances. You cannot but reveal your surprising exposure once you are at Lake of the Woods.

Information At A Glance

    • Area: 65,000 miles of shorelineLake Of The Woods
    • Specialty: Rainy River
    • Fishes: Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Muskie, Crappie and Perch
    • Best time for fishing: Spring and Fall


About Saltwater Fishing

The days of people’s spearing fish and digging for clams by the shore are gone. Saltwater fishing is no longer a thing of the adventurous souls only. With numerous locations and tremendous growth of the specific fishing industry, anglers have now more opportunities than ever to spend half of their lifetime in saltwater fishing.

Practically, there are five different types of saltwater fishing available for anglers of all ages.

Flats And Backwater Fishing

With a small boat or a kayak, you can reach shallow inshore areas featuring salt water. Some of the greatest spots include mangrove edges, marshes, grass beds, oyster bars, saltwater inlets, channels, potholes and tidal flats.

Surf Fishing

Your best bet includes anywhere along the shoreline or beach if you choose surf fishing. Jetties or deep holes will be ideal choices for you. You can expect to catch bluefish, striped bass, pompano and spotted sea trout.

Bay Fishing

A large, partially enclosed body of water is what you may call a saltwater bay, the hotspot to catch saltwater fishes. Finest spots include reefs, convergence zones, shallows, channels, estuaries, merging waters, hills and humps.

Pier Fishing

Some anglers take fishing so seriously that they do not want to stop fishing for a single day. What if you cannot risk taking your fishing kayak or boat out to the water on a day featuring harsh weather? You are still lucky if you know about pier fishing. Spend a sunny afternoon or calm morning while enjoying pier fishing.

Deep-Sea Fishing

Just when you want to go deep-sea fishing, you must become cautious since you are about to go out on the open ocean where you need to depend on your navigational chart and weather forecasts for a safe journey to home. Suitable spots include canyons, reefs, wrecks, coastal waters, sea mounts and rocky sea floors.

Best Saltwater Fishing Spots


Sometimes called a saltwater paradise, this destination boasts rugged coastline and offshore seamounts abounding with reefs and rocky headlands. The country is known for its tourist-friendly arrangements. So, visiting there with your family will never beget you an average fishing experience.

Information At A Glance

  • Popular areas: Piñas Bay, Hannibal Bank, the Tropical Star LodgePanama Fishing Spot
  • Specialty: Famous for large Tuna
  • Fishes: Cubera Snapper, Bluefin Trevally, Roosterfish, Sierra
  • Best time for fishing: All the year round with added caution required during the fall rainy weather

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Blue-water fishing requires anglers to take a run of at least 10 miles, and sometimes, the run can be of even 40 miles. You might be likely to get tired of making such runs; especially you are on a paddle kayak. How does it sound if you have to run only two miles? Sure, it sounds fair enough.

Information At A Glance

  • Popular areas: Gordo, Golden GatesCabo San Lucas
  • Specialty: Best destination for blue-water fishing at a very brief run
  • Fishes: Dorado, Marlin, Wahoo and Sails
  • Best time for fishing:
    • All the year round
    • May to July for Dorado and Wahoo
    • October to November for marlin
    • Hot seasons for sails

Montauk, New York

Only a few hours of stay will tell you why fishing enthusiasts call Montauk the ‘Fishing Capital of the World’. Traveling anglers gather here with a reason which is obvious. Schools of fishes in inordinate numbers migrate from the Long Island to Maine, making the place a hotspot for anglers who wish to catch Striped Bass. For more rewarding fishing experiences, Montauk gives anglers a quick access to some offshore canyons where tuna and trophies abound in.

Information At A GlanceMontauk New York USA

  • Specialty: A great destination for big Bass
  • Fishes: Striped Bass, Tuna and Deep-water trophies
  • Best time for fishing:
    • May to October for Big Bass
    • September and October are the best months

Prince Edward Island, Canada

For a truly appreciable saltwater fishing endeavor, fishing in Prince Edward Island should be on top of the list of your next fishing tours. Whether you dream about battling with sharks or monstrous bluefin tuna, this can be your temporary home. If you love catching mackerel, you will not get bored easily.

Information At A Glanceprince_edward_island_canada

  • Specialty:
    • Home to the giant-like Bluefin Tuna
    • Known for offering deep sea fishing charters in economic packages
  • Fishes: Shark, Tuna and Mackerel
  • Best time for fishing: August to Mid October

Malindi, Kenya

Catching billfish is more of a reality than a dream as you are in Malindi. Anglers who are away from Kenya would take the chance of accomplishing a fantasy slam forgetting all disappointments of past angling events. For anglers, Malindi is one of the few spots to offer exclusive offshore charters.

Information At A Glancemalindi_kenya

  • Specialty: One of the best and few places for catching giant Billfish
  • Fishes: All saltwater specialties, such as Black Marlin, Striped Marlin, Blue Marlin, Shortbill Spearfish, Sailfish and Swordfish
  • Best time for fishing: January to February for Billfish

About Fly Fishing

With a clearly distinguished combination of art and science, fly fishing presents a unique activity, which is yet still an unknown sport to many while an obsessive kind of fishing sport to some. A primitive form of relaxation, fly fishing does not often require anglers to pick any specific location. Whether you are on a boat on an ocean or near a lakeshore, you are ready to fly fish if you just get the right fishing gear. However, places that are exclusively known for fly fishing offer delightful experiences.

Best Fly Fishing Spots In The World

Abacos, Bahamasabacos_bahamas

Located at Bahamas’ northern end, the Abacos is widely recognized for its vast belts of bonefish flats. The productivity is also highly esteemed. The location also boasts different other skinny bodies of water, tailing waters actually. The only thing that might slow you down is the harshness of the months in winter. However, you might want to continue your fishing tour if you are lucky enough to have a warm day.

Information At A Glance

  • Specialty: One of the most productive destinations for bonefish hunters
  • Fishes: Bonefish, Tarpon, Billfish
  • Best time to fish:
    • All the year round
    • March and April for bonefish

Alphonse Island, The Seychellesalphonse_island_the_seychelles

If you are an extreme fishing enthusiast and never afraid of traveling far around the world, Alphonse Island is always ready to offer you a mesmerizing fishing adventure amid remoteness and isolation from over 1,000 miles off the eastern coast in Africa. However, you need to turn a blind eye to your budget, especially your desire springs as far as special catering services and fabulous stay at luxury resort.

Information At A Glance

  • Specialty: A fully adventurous fishing tour at an uninhabited, exotic location
  • Fishes: Bonefish, Trevally, Milkfish
  • Best time to fish: All the year round

Tierra Del Fuego, Patagonia, Argentinatierra_del_fuego_patagonia

Memoirs from a lot of veteran anglers from around the globe suggest that Brown Trout caught from Tierra del Fuego sets the standard of the species. Angling mythology speaks the same of the archipelago. Located off South America’s northernmost tip, Tierra del Fuego boasts sub polar climate along with vast treeless plains wherein anglers can receive unforgettable fishing chances to bag fishes, most of which weighing at least 10lbs.

Information At A Glance

  • Specialty: Superb sport fishing in over three lagoons, four lakes and ten rivers
  • Fishes: Giant Brown Trout
  • Best time to fish: All the year round

Turneffe Flats, Belize

It is now almost three decades since Turneffe Flats has been being recognized as a Caribbean hotspot for fly fishing. As you even think about making a trip there, you should expect a perfectly attired, picturesque coral reef which remains vibrant with abundant sea creatures, primarily bonefish. Are you a slam opportunist? If you are, Turneffe Flats will leave you no choice but getting there. Do not worry about your fly fishing gear. As you are in Belize, you will have them well-stocked in no time.

Information At A Glanceturneffe_flats_belize

  • Specialty: A welcoming coral reef with thick white sand allowing for wade fishing
  • Fishes: Bonefish, Tarpon
  • Ideal fishing corners:
    • Shoals for large bonefish
    • Lagoons and channels for tarpon
  • Best time to fish:
    • All the year round
    • Summer months for larger catches

Kamchatka, Russia

Some might say that Rainbow Trout are a thing of the past. Not true at all! There is Kamchatka, and Rainbow Trout are still growing large and fat here. Though Kamchatka offers a little thrill to Alaskan anglers because of the similarity between the two regions in terms of climate, landscapes and rivers, the rest of the world can get so much to enjoy.

Information At A Glancekamchatka_russia

  • Specialty: Known as the remaining frontier for Rainbow Trout
  • Fishes: Pacific Salmon, Char, Trophy Grayling, Sockeye Salmon
  • Ideal fishing corners: Rivers and creeks
  • Best time to fish:
    • All the year round
    • June through July for Chum, Dolly-Varden, King

About Ice Fishing

Tired of fishing with a kayak or boat? Feeling monotony of the same hot and wet weathers? Well, ice fishing will really break the ice of your conventional fishing trips. You really do not need a boat or go barefooted. Choose a great ice fishing spot and go there in winter. You will get at least one fishing story that stands as an adventure. Before you directly go into choosing the best ice fishing locations, it is important that you have the basics to learn and inform your fellow anglers.

  • Instead of following your ancestors’ fishing strategies, try to bring in technology while ice fishing.
  • Ice fishing is almost risk free only if you remember the ice.
  • Ice fishing requires you to become a temporary inhabitant. Remember ice fishing people have more of a home on the ice.
  • Bring in specifically manufactured fishing gear and forget about the ones used during summer months.
  • Ice fishing is no less popular than other types.

Best Ice Fishing Spots

Tobin Lake, Saskatchewan, Canadatobin_lake_saskatchewan_canada

Serious anglers often have reasons to hate hatchery fish, and such tendency leads to their choosing a self sustaining fishing destination wherein no maddening crowd is going to spoil the beauty of seclusion. You would feel cheerful to learn that both the largest and second largest ice walleye came from this Saskatchewan Lake. Do not worry about the solitary state since you will never feel the sting of it.

Information At A Glance

  • Specialty: Known as the home to the largest ice walleyes
  • Fishes: Lake Sturgeon, Sauger, Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, lake Whitefish, Mooneye, longnose sucker, Goldeye, and Burbot
  • Best time to fish:
    • Winter months

Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada

We all know winter is a special season in some respect. When it comes to fishing in Great Slave Lake, harshness of the season is well compensated by the finest fishing opportunities in Canada’s southern Northwest Territories. All you must remember doing is putting some really warm clothes on.

Information At A Glancegreat_slave_lake_northwest_territories_canada

  • Specialty:
    • World’s ninth largest lake by area
    • Second largest lake in Canada’s Northwest Territories
    • Deepest lake in North America
    • Lake trout weighing up to 30 kilograms
    • Pike with a length of 120 centimeters
  • Area: 27,000 square kilometers
  • Fishes: Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling, Lake Whitefish
  • Best time to fish: Winter Months

Devil’s Lake, North Dakota

The lake is, by now, a sizeable home to white bass. Originally an aggregation of smaller lakes comprising submerged roads, trees and bridges. Do not expect too much of depth. The lake boasts the world’s largest perch that have been naturally making for the tricky parts of ice fishing at this region.

Information At A Glancedevil's_lake_north_dakota

  • Specialty: World’s largest perch
  • Areas: 180,000 acres
  • Fishes: Walleye, Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Tiger Muskellunge (Tiger Muskie)
  • Best time to fish: January through the middle of March

Still Thinking?

Sometimes, fishing as a pursuit turns out to be a crazy endeavor, making the entire idea of angling less understandable, especially when it comes to the choosing a good destination where both fishing and touring will compensate for each other.

By now, you have gathered as much insights as any knowledgeable angler should. However, you are yet to decide. Well, it happens, and the reason is quite simple. What if you like a particular destination very much, but still wish to catch fishes not abundantly available in that location? Now, you can only go by the fish you want to catch.

Best Fishing Locations For Particular Fishes


Anglers with vast offshore fishing experiences will surely admit that there is hardly any single location better than Umba River, Kola Peninsula in Russia if salmon is your primary pick. As an incomparable land of winter fantasy, Russia hosts this river which has become the paradise for salmon. Local anglers believe that the Umba has no less than five runs of salmon each year, meaning that you can always catch them in plenty. Wading through the river and catching fishes may not be an inviting experience. However, it is the abundance of the world’s fattest salmon, which will keep you calm.

Quick Information About Umba River

  • Specialty: Finest Atlantic salmon available
  • Best time to fish: Starting on May up to October
  • Length of the river: 123 kilometers


Having been located at a unique spot on the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns which is a popular tourist town in Australia boasts the availability of Black Marlins; oh, huge ones indeed! Cairns contain a lot more attractions to offer alongside its marlin fishing specialty. To date, more than 1,000 marlins have been caught. Although the number seems small, the size and weight of them make them worth catching. Exhausting anglers is the least these fishes can do. You can indulge in a little break and make a trip to the UNESCO world heritage rainforests.

Quick Information About Cairns, Australia


  • Specialty: A 250km stretch between Cairns and Lizard Island
  • Fish: Largest black marlin weighing up to 750 kilograms
  • Best time to fish: Starting from September up to December


It is not that all anglers would agree on the same bet as it comes to the top trout fishing location in the world. However, Colorado River can certainly be a strong argument. Apart from being highly popular for healthy and good-looking trout, the river boasts its abundance in trophy-sized trout. Serious fly fishing requires anglers to hit Colorado’s salmonfly hatch during June. You need to hire a local outfitter so you do not have concerns about floating through the water.

Quick Information About Colorado Rivercolorado_river_usa

  • Specialty:
    • Best Trout Stream in America
    • Four species found only in Colorado River, such as Bonytail Chubs, Pikeminnow, Humpback and Razorback Sucker
  • Fishes: Black Crappie, Channel Catfish, Largemouth Bass, Striped Bass, Walleye
  • Best time to fish: June


Here comes Mississippi River at the top of anyone’s list as long as bass fishing is concerned. Not only the best of all Americans bass fishing spots, the river can easily outrun most of the world’s bass fishing locations considering the flow of fishes and their overall health. Plenty of timber, hideaways and mats are the key attractions of the place. You want to catch some fish while churning out the fun off the calm water, right? You are in the right destination, probably the best in the world.

Quick Information Of Mississippi River

  • Specialty: A resourceful heaven for all types of Bass
  • Fishes: Northern Pike, Sauger, Bluegill, Catfish
  • Best time to fish: All the year round


This time, you are going to follow a Belgian tradition. Yes, we are now talking about fishing on horseback. Sightseeing is a great pastime that many anglers have in common as part of their pleasure plans. Some find rubbernecking an irresistible undertaking, and here is why Oostduinkerke located at the southwest coast of Belgium is a place to be considered. Like the local anglers, you might need to gallop into the sea using no shrimpers but stallions with steeds dragging nets alongside a wooden carriage. The purpose is to scare the shrimp quickly to the surface. Consider this as four-legged fishing and not your typical boat or kayak fishing.

Quick Information About Oostduinkerke

  • Specialty: Fishing on horseback
  • Fishes: Shrimp, Crabs and other small fishes
  • Best time to fish:
    • February to May
    • September to November

So, you have got 20 of the greatest fishing destinations around the world. Remember that the above choices are made upon several factors in mind. Now is your time to plan, discuss with your near ones and make your mind to be a good tourist.

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