5 Best Lightweight Kayaks 2019

Justin Case Kayak

Hi there, have you ever thought a stash in a kayak in the trunk of your car or bring it on a plane as a carry-on. What about storing it in the corner of your closet? Imagine swinging your kayak over your shoulder before you set out exploring outdoors, daily across the lake to that romantic picnic spot. We did and we set out on a mission to make out Noir exploring easy. We’ve reworked the concept of the kayak into a folding portable one that weighs under 6 pounds. With the Justin Case Kayak, you can decide on a moment’s notice if you want to walk around the lake or paddle across. Hey, you have a freedom to adventure. Our team of engineers designers and testers have built and water tested prototype. After prototype to arrive at a kayak that’s lightweights fun, safe to use, and durable. Justin Case is made from a lightweight carbon-fiber frame held together by custom 3d printed connectors. We use a durable ripstop skin made with woven nylon that has the remarkable strength to weight ratio. Weighing only 5.7 pounds that Justin Case Kayak can carry more than 250 pounds and measures no more than 40 by 6 inches when folded. You’ll be able to assemble our kayak in 15 minutes. We’ve also tried to keep our Justin Case Kayak environmentally friendly bike and little material as possible. We believe adventure doesn’t stop on the beaten path. We believe in taking the road less traveled and staying curious. Let’s make kayaking affordable. Make nature accessible and adventuring easy. Let’s embrace the idea to travel in life while exploring outdoors is possible. Justin Case Kayak has already been tested in multiple locations around the world. And now we’re ready to bring the finished product to you in the summer of 2018. We’re turning to crowdfunding because this is the best way to get you involved share our passion and get your feedback. Check out our pledge options for discounts and early bird offers. Give yourself more freedom to explore. The adventure that travels life.


HYPAR is a modular smart boat that can be rapidly transformed from a kayak into a rowing, sailing, or even solar-powered boat. Its innovative hull shape ensures excellent speed and stability. Whilst the groundbreaking folding design enables instant transformation from a boat into a backpack in less than three minutes. And thanks to its modest dimensions and lightness. HYPAR fits into any means of transportation, vehicle, or location. Portability and storage have never been so simple. We think the concept of a boat completely to conceive a unique shape of the hull. A perfectly streamlined sleek elegant hull is bordered by hard shines running from the sharp wave piercing bow to the wide stern. The shape is conceptualized around two counterpoise hyperbolic paraboloids hence the name HYPAR. This form resembles the water surface when pierced by a moving object, the angle, and shape of HYPAR are matching with water wake patterns thereby improving performance by reducing drag, optimizing stability and enhancing control. HYPAR is well suited for several environments from the open sea to narrow streams. Gale wind and breaking waves of the ocean, metropolis waters and the most remote corners of the planet are all open to HYPAR. We have been working in close collaboration with DF Smith Plastics France a leading European plastics manufacturer. DF Smith introduced a new grade of advanced polypropylene material a keyboard. Specifically adapted for marine conditions and the unique design of HYPAR. To conceive a sustainable solution for the environment HYPAR and DF Smith team made sure that the material would be 100% recyclable with a lifelong replacement policy. Outdated holes will be replaced with only a small fee charged to cover transportation and

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TRAK, The Ultimate Touring Kayak

This is a bag in it there’s the ultimate touring kayak. You might think to yourself, wow, that’s a small bag. You probably mean the ultimate folding kayak. No, we mean to ultimate touring kayak. It’s not just because it’s a real touring kayak. One that allows you to go on four pounds and longer multi-day tours, but also tour the world. It’s the ultimate touring kayak because it’s the best touring kayak on the water too. Yup, we’re confident. It’s super tough, out tough, tough enough to last 10 years in any condition. Did we punch it enough? Let’s punch it again! So there you have it, quality, and durability? check! Our surveying paddlers also really cared about performance. That’s what makes it a great touring kayak. Well, the track not only performs incredibly well, but it is also the only kayak that can change the shape to accommodate conditions and alter the water line. Making it paddle like a shorter or maneuverable kayak or a longer faster-touring kayak, that makes for many kayaks in one. As for set up, it only takes ten minutes, really! And as for ease of transport, you already saw the bag it goes into. And you already agreed it’s small enough to fit in any car and light enough to carry on a train. And yes, you can take it on a plane, we have. Now for the extra thinking took on. The track is customizable and super comfortable. It’s that outfitting index storage bags are modular. Yes, it’s all around pretty awesome. To make all this a reality we’ve been working with an amazing team of engineers from some of Canada and the world’s best organizations. So yes, this is a small bag, and it holds inside is the world’s most incredible touring kayak. One you can grab from your room, pack on your back, take anywhere in the world, and paddle on any water. With your mind at ease that you’re ready for whatever lies ahead, that’s a real touring kayak. So if you’re an adventurer that won’t settle for anything but the best, get a track! And discover the ultimate touring kayak, TRAK.


Welcome to the most accessible kayak we make. The Beach LT can get you out on the water in just 3 minutes. The new kimono folding design means the beach retains the rigidity that our original shape provides keeps the water out and noticeably reduces set-up time. Rated at 20,000 fold cycles, not only does the Beach fold down to store but at only 26 pounds the Beach is almost half the way from similar recreational boats. Holding up to 300 pounds The Beach is wide and long cockpit, give you more room to move around or carry a kit or some beer. This extra width makes The Beach a steadier when paddling and allows for more stable entering and exiting inflow. From a comfortable backrest the adjustable footrest, The Beach is designed to help keep you stable centered and comfortable. Allowing toddlers of all sizes to enjoy a great day on the water with some friends.

PAKAYAK Bluefin 14

The desire for a packable performance kayak. We wanted to build a rigid boat that was portable light and easy to store. Yet long sleek and fast making its performance indistinguishable from the traditional high-end kayak.

PAKAYAK is the ultimate packable kayak. Is the boat without the limitations of other portable kayaks. Like the folding models or the inflatable. While it’s designed for serious adventures hardcore travelers and touring enthusiasts. Beginners will also enjoy it stability and comfort too.

Here’s how it works. The whole design retains the paddling characteristics of a traditional kayak. While allowing its sixth section to disconnect easily. And then pack inside one another to create an easily managed three and a half foot bundle. Our boat can be assembled in under five minutes anywhere with no tools and no loose parts. Making it the fastest assembly on market.

Every aspect of our company from manufacturing to shipping is designed to have minimal impact on the environment. All manufacturing assembly and distribution occurs in one facility to minimize our carbon footprint. Our shipping materials are minimalistic and use recycled products. Imagine a 14-foot rigid hull high-performance kayak that you can take anywhere. This kayak can fit in your apartment and a closet in the elevator in the trunk of your car and even go to the airport and all handle solo.

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